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Website Security

The difference between owning a website and being owned

We see it all of the time. You get a great idea, then you set out to make it a reality by starting a business. With everything involved in starting a business, a website is one of those important check boxes to be checked.

DONE! Built a quick website and I got a great price!

The problem is, nobody told you about the security threats to ALL websites!

According to Google, over 30,000 websites are hacked each day. The reason for all of this is not what we think. They don’t hack your site to steal information from you or your clients… They hack your site to use it to spread SPAM, malware and to commit other cyber crime without being traced!

How do you protect your site?

  • Regular software updates – a website is software and software has weaknesses hackers can exploit
  • Regular monitoring – It is important to have deep inspection of who is connecting to your site and what they are doing
  • Security configuration – Websites are often built without some of the most basic security settings enabled
  • Software firewall – A good software firewall can prevent some of the most sophisticated attacks on your site
  • Secure web server – It’s not enough for you to keep up on security, your web host has to do the same on the web server
  • Regular backups – When all else fails, we need to be able to recover your site

There’s so much to keep up with!

Relax. We have a solution.

You started your business to do what you do, not what we do!

We offer Managed Hosting plans that address the security issues that threatening all websites:

  • Weekly attention to software updates
  • 24x/7 monitoring of uptime and security
  • When we take on a new client, we look at the site configuration and secure it
  • We install and monitor a software firewall to stay a step ahead of attackers
  • Ongoing web server security
  • Daily backups stored in secured cloud storage

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