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Prevent hacking and  malware infection – Don’t lose your domain to blacklisting

Security is our top priority. Websites are simply computer software. Any software has vulnerabilities that can (and will) be exploited by hackers. Properly maintained software should be updated regularly to keep it as secure as possible.

“But, nobody would hack the site for my consulting firm. What would they get?”

There are hackers working around the clock to hack your site. They aren’t necessarily trying to get trade secrets or important data from your site. They are often looking for a platform from which to distribute spam or to spread malware. If your site is hacked and develops a reputation for distributing spam or malware, it could be blacklisted as a harmful site. Google, Bing and other search engines will stop ranking your site for search if it has been blacklisted, rendering your domain (and your online brand) useless.

We speed up your site and keep it optimized for best performance

Every time you go to a website, your computer has to download all of the software, text, styling code and graphics before it is displayed. Your web browser has to “render” the site, assembling the look and layout from all of that styling code. Imagine opening a newspaper (I know, what is this, 1975?) and you have to look at every picture and block of text on each page before you can start to read the front page. This is how your website works. When a site is optimized, the following are true:

  • All of the images are as small as possible, making download time as short as possible.
  • The site is told to render immediately after downloading what it needs to show first, rather than wait for the everything else.
  • Some of that styling code and software are combined or are loaded in an optimum order

There are other things we do to keep your site running as fast as possible. Not only is it important to optimize a site the first time, it’s also important to fine tune performance on an ongoing basis.

Prevent slowdowns and functional problems


Intelligent Software Maintenance


WordPress and it’s related software components (it’s theme, plugins, etc) are all in need of regular updates. The longer these items are left with out being updated, the more likely you are vulnerable to hacking. Some software updates are for closing security vulnerabilities and others are more focused on new functionality. If you immediately apply every update that is available, you can break the functionality of your site. Proper software maintenance involves knowing when to apply an update to the site, how to properly test and how to recover from problems. We have a very risk-averse approach to WordPress software updates, balancing functionality with security.

Database Maintenance


The backbone of WordPress is a database which is used to organize pages, blog posts, images, revisions to pages and posts and a whole lot of other important components to the website. Keeping that database clean and clutter free is vital to overall site performance. Think of it this way: let’s say you’re going to try to find something in a particular room of your house. If that room were packed full of stuff, wouldn’t it take a whole lot longer to find the thing you’re looking for? Like that room, if your website’s database is organized and free of extra clutter that may build up, you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly. Every time you open a page on your website, there are queries to that database to find those objects.

If something happens, we’ll recover your site

We’re all well aware that computers (and therefore websites) can run into problems from time to time. When these things happen, it’s important to know that you can recover from a backup of your site.

“I had no idea my host wasn’t backing up my website”

I’ve heard it many times from potential clients. They were either hacked and/or infected with malware, or they simply made a change that they couldn’t undo. They thought they could simply restore an older backup and be on their way, but when they called the host, their plan didn’t include backups. Even our most basic plan covers backups, and we don’t charge when asked to restore to an previous state.

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