ADA Compliance for your Web Site

ADA? I thought that was for physical ramps and handrails at a business!

The truth is that 20% of the web browsing public needs access to what we call ‘accessibility features’ on a website. These features help a disabled person to be able to use the web in much the same way as ramps and handrails allow proper access to a building. ADA compliance on your website involves programming it for use of accessibility features. This is not a one time change, but an ongoing set of adjustments as content is changed or added to your site. A plugin is simply not the reliable answer

Complete, Intelligent ADA Compliance – No re-design

Station VI Web Solutions offers an solution which employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) to constantly analyze the accessibility needs of your site and learns how to serve it with full ADA compliance. Your site is not reprogrammed, but is served appropriately to users who need accessible features!

What is ADA Compliance?

To be ‘ADA Compliant’ is to bring your website into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Why Should my website be compliant?

First, it’s the law. ADA applies to every business website, regardless of size!
Why not reach all of your potential clients? True ADA compliance will give you access to 20% of web users who might not otherwise be able to access your site.

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